Laptop Computers and Travel

Carry Case for Laptops

Look after your Laptop it will look after you.

Why a carry case is an essential piece of equipment for your Laptop Computer?

Always use the ‘Carrying Case’ or ‘Laptop Bag’ when moving your device. Even a ‘short’ fall can damage the hard drive and result in the complete loss of your data!

Specialized Bags for each Device is available to keep it out of the weather elements such as rain and is built to be a snug home when moving your precious data from one place to another.

Travel with a laptop

No matter how short the distance digital devices should be protected by carry case designed to take the brunt of a bump or knock!

Moving a Laptop or Tablet around

  • DO carry your laptop/tablet computer securely, preferably in a protective case.
  • DON ’T pick up or carry your laptop/tablet computer by the screen (even if it’s just across the room or to the next table).
  • When traveling, do not check your laptop with your luggage, always carry it with you.



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