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Computer Reminders before you leave the house

D2D Computer Clinic Reminders before you leave the house

A few reminders before you leave home with your computer


Computer Reminder #1: Backup your data frequently and store the backups in a safe place.

DO back up files stored on your USB or other portable storage device to your computer’s hard drive. Also remember to store your portable devices in a safe place.
DON ’T just assume that USB and other portable storage devices will keep your important files safe and protected.
Test you are able to restore the data from the portable storage device.

Computer Reminder #2: License Software Keys and Product License Keys

DO store your software/product license keys in a safe place.
DON’T lose them. In some cases you cannot be issued another key.
Make sure you have a backup as in #1 above

Computer Reminder #3: Malware and Virus detection software

DO perform regular routine maintenance on your computer to protect it from viruses and malware. Use safe practices when viewing your e-mail and when browsing the Internet.
DON ’T assume that your computer will be protected from viruses. Viruses and malware can be spread to your computer simply by connecting it to the Internet.

Computer Reminder #4: Laptop and Tablet Battery has been charged!

DO remember to charge your laptop/tablet before leaving home to ensure maximum battery usage during the day.
DON ’T stretch power cords or cables across hallways or walking areas where someone can trip or step on them, causing damage to your equipment or injury to others.

Computer Reminder #5: Always double check on safety first

DO be selective about where you leave your computer or device. When loading a backpack (for school-go’ers/varsity students and crazy busy business people), make sure heavy objects will not be on top of your computer.
DON ’T leave your laptop/tablet on chairs, floors, or other locations where someone may sit or walk. Don’t place your laptop under heavy books or other objects in a backpack.

Computer Reminder #6: Double check you have included Laptops/PC Computers/Tablet/Phones on your Insurance

DO include Computer/Laptop/Tablet/iPad/iPod/iPhone/Smart phones and peripherals into household/car insurance, we tend to forget to insure until we no longer have the device due to theft or loss.
DON’T leave the house without insurance, or consider the consequence should you opt not to extend household insurance to include car contents.


Laptops and Cars are not always safe

Lock laptop in the boot of a car for safety.

Cars are our major mode of transport – Laptop Computers are Targets for Theft


Never leave your laptop computers outside or in a car for extended periods,  for safety always lock up in the boot of the car.

Do not leave your laptop/tablet or suitcase/handbag unattended in open view in the interior of a car.

Laptops are easy to spot and prime targets for theft! Avoid ‘smash and grab’ by locking it in the boot of the car.

Keep in mind the front seat of a car can become extremely hot when traveling, remember laptop computers of any size do not like to get excessively hot!

Laptops can become airborne if you break suddenly, if not housed in a special laptop case could be easily damaged.